Pinot Noir

This burgundy red grape variety is predominant in the central vineyards of the Loire Valley. The grapes are small and tightly clustered. The juice is sweet and clear. Wines produced using this grape have a shimmering ruby hue, a result of dissolving the  coloured part of the grape skin in the juice. Pinot Noir grapes release aromas of summer fruits. An early variety, they are used to produce refined, light and elegant wines. When young these wines are rich with intense aromas of red fruits; as the wines mature the aromas develop into deeper more organic tones. In general, modern vinification techniques tend to favour the production of fruitier nuances.


sauvignonCultivated mainly in the central vineyards of the Loire Valley, this fragile variety of grape is highly sensitive to climate and soil type. The multiple aromatic nuances developed in the wines it is used to produce are strongly influenced by the terroir. Sauvignon Blanc is one of the finest French grape varieties and is the sole grape used to produce Sancerre white wine. It is also used to produce other wines such as Pouilly Fumé and Quincy. While Sauvignon Blanc has been selected for use in several other regions, it remains above all a grape variety associated with the Loire Valley.